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“Working from home, it is essential for me to have reliable, high-speed internet. CTC has been there for me for over a decade with dependable, high quality service. Their customer support over the years has been outstanding, which is why I am a long-time customer.”

- Kim, Boise

“CTC Telecom provides the fastest internet we have ever had!”

- Brandon, Meridian

“The people are so friendly, helpful, and bend over backwards to keep you happy. We've never had a problem with the service.”

- Virginia, Meridian

“CTC - When you call them, they come! Everyone with CTC is awesome, truly cares, and has a sense of urgency.”

- Renee, Meridian

“CTC is a dependable, affordable, and reliable internet provider that has been invaluable to my family! Being a business owner, dependable internet is a must. Plus, it is great for streaming, which keeps these little monsters entertained! Thanks, CTC!”

- Tiffany, Meridian

“CTC has been impeccably professional with anything we have needed in regard to our internet services. We are extremely impressed with the on-going respect, kindness, & help that CTC and their employees have always shown us. Kudos for a job well done!”

- Cody & Jennifer, Meridian

“We got to our cabin and found the modem inside the screen door, as requested! We plugged it in and it works great! Our service is better than it’s ever been, and I want to thank everyone who helped with our issue.”

- Peggy, Lowman

“Having moved into our new neighbor-hood I was a bit leery about CTC Telecom being our Fiber Internet Provider as I didn’t know much about them. WOW, am I impressed!!! Their speeds are amazing and their customer service is absolutely one of the best I have dealt with. I really cannot recommend CTC enough. Very happy with their service!”

- Sam, Boise

“I had a broken cable when CTC came out to install my service. They had to dig it up, they fixed the cable, filled the hole, and put the sod back. They were GREAT!”

- Peter, Boise

“The construction crew came out to dig trenches for the fiber. They did a very nice job and were very pleasant to be around.”

- Todd, Boise

“I’m a firm believer after speaking with Kris and Carmen that CTC must employ the nicest people!”

- John, Boise

“Brian is a very knowledge-able guy. He’s a good guy. He knows his stuff. He explained everything to me so that I could understand it and he was very patient.”

- Martin, Boise

“Dalton did a great job! He’s very respectful and professional! He’s very mature and personable...just the right blend. And he wore a mask which meant a lot to us!”

- Donna, Council

“The people at CTC have been SO nice to us. You all bend over backwards for us over and over again. Bless you!”

- Michael, Boise

“Brian was amazing and so helpful. He’s a local guy, familiar with the area, made it simple and easy, and was very pleasant.”

- Ron, Boise

“Just a quick note to thank you all for your great customer service. I had an issue with my internet (I live in Lowman) and when I called, Kris was super nice on the phone and immediately referred me to Dave and was very helpful in getting it resolved. Just wanted to say thanks and they both should get employee of the month parking spot!”

- Randy, Lowman

“Levi was really fantastic. We loved him. He made it easy and did a great job. He had to work in some nasty weather and he did such an awesome job!”

- Amanda, Council


"There are many reasons why we switched to CTC Business but the most important reason was their high level of customer care and tech support. With the added bonus of their ability to deliver burstable voice trunks to all of our locations around Idaho. CTC Business has met and exceeded our expectations from the very beginning."

"We deployed an Allwox phone system and CTC Business was able to help us configure the SIP Trunks and routes to ensure a smooth transition. Their service, customer care, and support is simply outstanding--I would rate CTC Business as a 5-Star Organization, from the sales team to the customer care and tech support, they have been an incredible partner for us."

- Aaron Barnett, Bish’s RV

"From the moment I met Michael and Chad, I knew we would become clients of CTC Business. From that point we have only experienced outstanding customer service. The only “issue” we had was a transitional period from our old system to the system we purchased through CTC Business. During this transitional period CTC Business was constantly following up with us to make sure we were taken care of. Before CTC Business the clarity of our phones held us back, now with the HD Voice from CTC Business we have seen a tremendous improvement in our communication."

"CTC Business has been wonderful to work with, the phone system has been great, their customer service has been outstanding and we have never had such a great relationship with our phone provider before. We highly recommend CTC Business for anyone searching for a new phone provider."

- Debbie Blackaby, Blackaby Insurance Agency, Inc.

"We were referred to CTC Business by our IT Firm, Small Horse Technology, and since then we have been very pleased with their products and services. Small Horse gave us the referral because our old system was constantly going down and dropping our calls. Since making the switch we have seen an improvement in our business simply because we increased our lines from 4 to 12 and there are more features that are included in CTC Business’s system that have helped us succeed."

"We highly recommend CTC Business because of their great customer service and everything we have experienced with CTC Business has been a 10."

- Kristal Varela, Boise Family Dental Care

"We chose CTC Business because of recommendations from neighboring cities and their price. Since then we have been pleased with their service and we have not had one issue. We can easily say that CTC Business provides us with the peace of mind that we have a great phone system that always works and if something does go wrong, that we will have great support."

"CTC Business has helped the city simply by having an easy to use phone system, it has made us as a city become more efficient. We highly recommend CTC Business because they are convenient, they offer a system with no down time and they are extremely reliable."

- Cami Hedges, City of Donnelly

"We went with CTC Business simply because we liked their quote compared to their competitors. Since we became a client of theirs they have been extremely responsive and have helped us learn the system. We have been extremely impressed by CTC Business’s phenomenal technicians, billing and customer service agents. They have made our relationship with them painless and easy."

"CTC Business has helped the city maintain our high standards by the functions they offer including forwarding to voicemail. We highly recommend you choose CTC Business as your service provider because we have experienced nothing but a great system, staff and pricing."

- Jacom “Mac” Qualls, New Meadows City Hall

"The decision to go with CTC Business for our 11 locations was extremely easy. They have competitive pricing, they are our local service provider and their customer service is outstanding. The experience with CTC Business has been amazing, their turn-around time for any ticket is addressed within 10 minutes - if it isn’t fixed at that point we are always made aware of the steps needed to solve the issue."

"Since becoming an CTC Business client their service and products have lessened the amount of time that I have had to troubleshoot issues, it has lessened our IT department’s workload and there is less stress on us. We have someone we can trust, which is essential in our line of work. In the healthcare industry we can’t afford to have our phones down and CTC Business has proven excellent with making sure we are up all the time."

"I have dealt with companies similar to CTC Business and CTC Business is dependable, quick to respond, friendly, courteous, local, and has excellent customer service. I highly recommend that you choose CTC Business as your service provider."

- Jamie Wilson, The Cottages Assisted Living & Memory Care

"CTC Business was the perfect choice for us because of their price and their customer care. CTC Business’s product and services are 100% better than our old provider, we can actually hear our clients now! My favorite thing about CTC Business is their willingness to work around the clock to help us in whatever we need. I will call them with our problems and they will not stop for the day until they are completed."

"Since becoming an CTC Business client we have been able to conduct our business better simply because of having a better communication system. We would highly recommend CTC Business to anyone because they will simply make your lives easier."

- Sonya Nelson, Brian W. Charles DMD

"We are neighbors of CTC Business and now we are also a client. When we started having issues with our old system, we decided to switch to CTC Business. Since then we have been very happy with their products. Although we did have to learn the new system, CTC Business was exceptionally helpful during our learning curve."

"CTC Business has proven to be extremely reliable, doing everything we have asked them to and they have gone above and beyond to make sure we are happy with their services. Having CTC Business as our service provider has made a huge difference in the way our employees communicate with each other. We have employees in other states and traveling to other countries and they are able to call and communicate with us just like they would if they were in the office because of CTC Business’s InTouch Business Communicator. It is simply amazing to be able to have our employees call the main office from wherever they may be with crystal clear audio."

"We highly recommend CTC Business because we have the most up to date technology and they simply make our lives easier."

- Judy Hopkins, Kryptek

"Michael and Chad spend time with us at our location and walked us through what CTC Business could do for us, this is what sold us on CTC Business. They showed us how CTC Business could positively impact our company. As Michael told us, there was going to be a transitional period, for us this time was a little long. CTC Business was very accommodating, worked with us and gave us suggestions on how to pick up on the system quicker. Once we fully grasped CTC Business’s processes and phone system we haven’t had issues, they have been great."

"We have a very honest and comfortable relationship with CTC Business, it is easy to call them or submit a ticket online. When we do have any issues or questions, it is obvious that they want to help and not just sell us a product. Before CTC Business we lived with our issues with our phone system, since CTC Business we have learned that we don’t have to live with issues - we can get them fixed and customized."

"We highly recommend CTC Business to anyone looking for a new service provider because they make you feel valued and like you are important to them."

- Susan Lasuen, Local Highway Technical Assistance Council

"As a busy structural engineering firm, it is crucial to provide our clients with exceptional service. One of the critical components to our line of work is the ability to maintain communication at all times. It is exactly this exceptionalism that made CTC Business the perfect choice as our service provider."

"Prior to becoming an CTC Business client, we had received very poor service from our previous provider, and we, along with our clients, were extremely frustrated and unhappy."

"CTC Business has continually gone above and beyond to provide us with excellent products and customer service. They are exceptionally responsive, and when issues do arise - they are resolved quickly. We have found CTC Business to be superbly reliable, which has created a more efficient and professional environment for our team, as well as our clients."

"CTC Business has alway treated us fairly, and have been exceedingly responsive to requests. When we did run into a minor inconvenience issue, their tech continued to work on the item for 6/8 weeks, making sure all requests and concerns were corrected to our satisfaction. Lochsa Engineering highly recommends CTC Business, because they provide the complete package of great customer service and products."

- Jared Keler, Lochsa Engineering

"I am writing this letter to commend the excellent support and service that has been provided to us by CTC Business Telecom. Our company had suffered from multiple poor telecom providers, both from a lack of customer service, as well as from poor product quality. Our experience with CTC Business has been an incredible contrast to our previous providers and has benefitted our business greatly due to the significant improvement and dependability of our telecom systems as well as the high level of customer service we now enjoy."

"While a phone transition can be daunting, CTC Business made the switch as seamless as possible, and the uptime reliability and voice quality of our phones have never been better. We are thankful we made the choice to switch providers, and would recommend CTC Business and their service to anyone looking for a cost effective, high quality option in the vastly underserved telecom space. The greatest tool in our business is the telephone, and we are thankful to CTC Business and their team for their ongoing commitment to service and dependability that helps our business succeed."

- Brian Rallens, Mark Bottles Real Estate Services

"We were sold on CTC Business as soon as we realized the level of care and importance that they put on their customer service. Since we have become a client of theirs we have experienced that great customer service as well as good products and follow ups within the second, not the minute. We did experience a transitional period since we were switching from POTS lines to VolP but once we learned our new system we have loved it. CTC Business was extremely helpful throughout the learning process with our staff."

"Our business has improved since becoming an CTC Business client because before we only had three lines and we could not help every client that was calling. But now we have many more lines and we are able to help every client which has improved our client's relationship with us."

"We highly recommend CTC Business because they have been extremely professional, compassionate and understanding with us since the very beginning of our relationship with them."

- Barbi Marston, Maz-Tech Automotive

"Michael was a huge reason why we selected CTC Business as our service provider. He convinced us on how great CTC Business was and we had to see it for ourselves. Since then we have come to love CTC Business, they are simply excellent and very prompt."

"Since CTC Business we actually expect more from all of our other providers because CTC Business has raised the standards for us. Their quality of products and customer service is excellent. We recommend CTC Business to anyone looking for a new service provider because they will take care of any needs you may have and then some. It has been a true pleasure to have CTC Business as our service provider."

- Denise Forsyth, Ontario Sanitary Service, Inc.

"When we were searching for a new phone provider we came across CTC Business and decided they were the company for us because of their dedication to provide great service to their clients. Since we have signed as a client with them we have been impressed with their sound quality and how they helped us through our transition period, they have made sure everything ran smoothly since day 1."

"Since being an CTC Business client they have tremendously helped to streamline our business. We went from not having voicemail and with CTC Business we now have voicemail and we are able to answer all of our customer’s needs."

"We recommend that you become an CTC Business client because of the functional ability their services provide, for economic reasons and their overall working experience. We know you will not regret it."

- Elisa Rodriguez, Partners Produce, Inc.

"When we switched to CTC Business it was because of a bad experience with our previous provider and CTC Business had proven to have great service for a good price. Since we have made the switch we haven’t been let down, CTC Business has great customer service when following up with issues and is always consistent."

"We have the following four locations Columbus, Ohio; Jupiter, Florida; Huston, Texas and Eagle, Idaho. We have all four of locations with CTC Business and have been extremely impressed with how friendly and efficient they are. Since we have switched to CTC Business we have been able to become a more efficient company for our customers because we have no down time."

"I highly recommend CTC Business for multiple reasons; Michael has been awesome at following up with us on anything that we ma;y need, great extra features to utilize business needs; great installation process and our system works great."

- Nate Joedeman, Powder River Development Service LLC

"We became an CTC Business client for a couple of reasons we were unhappy with our old provider, CTC Business had extremely nice sales people and they gave us a scarecrow! Since we have become a client they have been super fantastic and everything has been amazing, including their products and their customer service."

"Since upgrading our phone system with CTC Business we have become more efficient because we are able to receive more calls and we are able to have our voicemails sent to our email making it easier to follow up with our clients."

"We highly recommend CTC Business because they have great customer service, great products and they are like the trusted company next door that has become a part of the family."

- Dr. Todd Walker, River City Dental

"When we were first introduced to CTC Business we liked their competitive costs, staff friendliness, and the fact that they are a local service provider. Since we became a client, we have been very happy with their quick responses, answers, and follow-up. The service has been great. We are still getting used to the products as they are a bit more complicated than our old system."

"Throughout the whole process of transitioning our system, CTC Business has shown to be very personable. You won’t get that type of service from any of the large corporations - we actually have a relationship with CTC Business and we like that. I would highly recommend CTC Business because they are a local, competitive company who is very responsive to client needs."

- Lisa Schlapia, SEC Structural Engineering Consultants

"My name is Souk Chanthaminavong and I have been at Syringa Networks, working as a Systems Administrator, for four years. Through the years, we have sought different vendors to fill our communication solutions. So far, we have been very satisfied with CTC Business’s prompt, professional service. All of our VOIP service is through CTC Business. On rare occasions that we or our users have issues, their Engineers would contact us right away to solve our problems. Besides the provisioning of reliable equipment to us, the most impressive aspect of CTC Business is their people. They have done an excellent job in following up on issues and resolving them. That makes my job at Syringa Networks a lot easier in the areas of workplace communication."

- Souk Chanthaminavong, Syringa Networks

"Often times our clients look for products and / or services that are outside of our immediate scope. In these cases, we rely heavily upon vendors that we’ve built a relationship with to fulfill the need. Not only do these vendors have to have a great product or service, but most importantly, we have to know our valuable clients are well taken care of. Our telecommunications vendor of choice is CTC Business. Their high standards meet or exceed our very own, therefore making them the perfect fit for us here at TVIT."

"Since working with CTC Business, we’ve had an increase in confidence knowing our clients are getting a world class telecommunications system, with world class service on top of it."

- Shawn Schnitker, Treasure Valley IT

"CTC Business was referred to us by two separate companies and those referrals started the process for us to look into CTC Business. Once we started our research we learned CTC Business was the clear choice to go with because of their superior knowledge, products and service."

"CTC Business has been the best service provider because we are able to have a personalized phone system that does exactly what we need it to do. Not only does CTC Business have a product that is perfect for us, they also have great customer service that has been extremely responsive for us."

"Our company has improved the way we conduct our business since becoming an CTC Business client because we are now able to answer every call without the fear of dropped calls or our lines being down."

"We highly recommend CTC Business because of their superior products and customer care. I have complete confidence CTC Business will always be able to take care of us and grow as our company grows."

- Julie Olsen, UCI Wealth Advisors