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Who has the Best Internet in Boise, ID?

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Does Boise, Idaho, have good Internet?

Idaho is not known for having the fastest Internet speeds. In 2019 a broadband study by Speedtest discovered Idaho has the fourth slowest internet broadband speeds in the nation. Populations in Idaho are spread out, making it difficult to build infrastructure in rural communities and even parts of Boise. CTC is trying to change that. 

Idaho had an average download speed of 56.82 Mbps and an upload speed of 17.98 Mbps. CTC can provide its customers with twenty times that download and upload speed by bringing fiber internet connections to Boise neighborhoods.

Download and Upload Speeds

The download speed indicates how fast internet data reaches your home. With downloads speeds of up to 1 GB, Boise residents won't have to sit and stare dreaded buffering wheel while watching the beloved Broncos out on the Blue.

Upload speed goes in the opposite direction. It affects its time to transmit data over the Internet, such as uploading the videos from your latest mountain biking trip to social media.

While sometimes, internet speeds can be affected by factors outside of CTC's control, we take all the possible steps to give Boise the speeds it needs. We work hard to ensure fast and reliable Internet by including the latest modems and WiFi routers in our plans and provide a whole-home WiFi survey to ensure you get a signal in every corner of your home.

Does Boise have Fiber Optic Internet?

Seeing Boise grow, CTC knew we would have to plan for the future capabilities of our network. Early on, CTC made the switch to installing fiber instead of copper or cable. Since 2012, CTC has brought fiber to the home to over 40 subdivisions in Boise and the Treasure Valley. As technology grows and households become more and more reliant on a solid internet connection, having a fiber connection to your home becomes increasingly essential.

CTC is currently focused on bringing fiber internet to newer communities due to the construction costs of overbuilding into existing subdivisions. But we continually look for opportunities to serve the community and bring faster Internet to anyone we can. 

For homes in more remote areas, CTC also offers Wireless Internet services.


Who is Boise's internet provider?

CTC is the only local fiber internet provider in Boise. We may not always be the cheapest option, but we are a local company staffed by Idaho employees. All the revenue in our company stays in Idaho, and we are committed to helping build up Boise's economy. 

Who are the other internet providers in Boise, Idaho area?

  • Centurylink (Based in Washington)
  • TDS (Based in Wisconsin)
  • Sparklight (Based in Arizona)
  • Starlink (Based in Washington)

How much speed do I need?

The level of bandwidth you and your family require depends on how you use the Internet. If you work from home and need the bandwidth to download and upload huge files or have a lot of Zoom calls, you may need at least 100MB. Maybe you have eight children who are all on internet-connected devices at once? A 250MB is probably best. Perhaps you expect everything in your home to be connected to the Internet in the future and want to get a head start? Go with 1 GB.

For most people — who only stream television, browse the Internet, or play online video games, 50 MB is usually an excellent place to start. 

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