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Update Your Netgear Router or Risk Being Hacked

Update the firmware on your Netgear Router

(Or contact CTC for an easier Solution)

This past week, Netgear found a security flaw in its home networking equipment that may put you at risk of being hacked. This security vulnerability affects nearly 50 Netgear models. At-Risk devices include Netgear modems, gateways, extenders, routers, and mesh satellites. It is advised for everyone to update their firmware to the latest release ASAP. 

What's at risk?

The main security flaw allows hackers remotely install malware on the Netgear router. The malware could compromise internet traffic flowing through your home WiFi networking. This could lead to hackers stealing sensitive information like passwords and bank account information. Netgear has rated this vulnerability "critical." The malware installation isn't the only flaw in the security of Netgear routers, but it is the most severe. Other defects open WiFi devices to the control of hackers, giving them access to your home network settings.

How do I update my firmware?

Unfortunately, Netgear firmware isn't the easiest to update unless you are familiar with logging into your router and managing the settings. There are several steps involved in updating your firmware. First, you need to consult the router's user manual and find out how to log in to your router's administration panel from your computer. Once you're logged in, there is sometimes an option to download and install the latest firmware. If your router doesn't provide this option, you need to verify which version of the firmware you currently have and then search the Internet to find out where to download the latest version. Once you've downloaded it, you need to follow the detailed instructions that explain how to get the new firmware from your computer to your router. This can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if you're not very technical.

A Better Solution

If you don't want to have to worry about keeping your Netgear equipment up to date to prevent hackers from infiltrating your home, you may be interested in CTC's Advanced WiFi. This managed WiFi service provides many benefits, one of which is that you never have to worry about updating your firmware. You can take advantage of our latest WiFi features and be confident you're safe from known security threats.

With Advanced WiFi, CTC ensures your router is always up to date with the latest firmware version. We don’t even need to come to your house to do it; we can do it all remotely. Don't wait to fix your exposed WiFi router. Call CTC and let us help you protect your home network.

For more information on CTC's Advanced WiFi, click here.



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