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April Customer of the Month

Unsuccessful in her attempt to train the dogs to take pictures, Kelsey sent us this picture of her husband Holden with their adorable canines. She says, "This is my sweet little family that just moved in to our new home at Ashton Estates! With first moving in came priorities for the new home. An absolute must was our internet provider. CTC was just a call away. With their great customer service and thorough technicians, everything was up and running just the way we needed it to be. Thank you, CTC, for not only taking the time to answer all of my questions but also providing my home with the efficient internet we rely on!"

Thank YOU, Packard family, for being among the first Kuna customers that we're able to serve.


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May Customer of the Month

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April Customers of the Month

Mike and Carolyn have enjoyed the benefits of fiber optic service for over a decade in the Boise are...

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