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Meet the Hihn family! Brad, Tom, Amber, Ruger the posing dog, and Brooke. These kids were just babies ( was not even born yet) when they were first fiber optic internet customers!

Amber writes, "Tom and I moved to Tuscany in 2005 with a baby, a dream and a Golden retriever named Rusty. Living in a wonderful, safe neighborhood to raise a family was all we ever wanted. I was able to be a stay at home mom for the first 13 years of Brad & Brooke’s life which is such a blessing. My husband served his country proudly and selflessly which provided him his career in aviation.

We are happy and blessed to be living in the great state of Idaho to raise our family. Brad is 14, Brooke is 12, Ruger is 9 and Rusty has crossed the rainbow bridge.

We love CTC Telecom and have been loyal customers for 13 years now! We have never had interruption in service and rave to family and friends about how happy we are. CTC has always taken great care of us and we feel we are appreciated and our needs come first. Wonderful customer service and support! Thank you for loving your customers and striving to be amazing!"

How grateful we are for them and for all of our fabulous customers!


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