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February Customers of the Month

Meet Mark & Sully (and Max, not pictured), partners in the Awesome Burger business! Mark says that Awesome Burger was really born in 1986 in Birmingham, Alabama with the idea, but the decision to make it happen came to them when they were out fishing together. Sully & Mark have been in the food industry for about 27 years. Their paths crossed at as little league dads at a baseball game where Sully was cooking in the food stand. Mark asked if he could help, and a friendship was formed.

How’d they “land” in Cambridge? It was love at first sight when Mark drove through Cambridge for the first time (for the solar eclipse) with his son Cooper. Mark said, “This town is for me” and Cooper was mortified. Mark counseled with a friend about moving the Awesome Burger business to Cambridge and his buddy told him, “If you do that, the chase is over!” Mark said, “The chase ends in Cambridge!” They say Don Dopf was a big contributor in helping them get settled here. We are grateful to have them and their awesome burgers here, as well as their Hogzilla and awesome sauce! Go check them out! They will be IN the “Canyon Corner” building in early March, and are serving up magic out of the truck until then, usually Wednesday through Saturday.

About CTC, they say, “We love the employees! Levi and Shannon couldn’t be more helpful.”


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March Customers of the Month

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January Customers of the Month

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