GigaMesh Satellite

Unprecedented WiFi Performance In Every Room In Your Home

Get The Smart Home Experience You Deserve

With more and more WiFi devices in your home, and multiple users enjoying them at the same time, great WiFi is no longer optional—it’s essential. Whether you’re streaming HD video, sharing photos on Instagram, or just checking email, you just need your WiFi to work. Your smart home devices need it, too, to automate, monitor, and secure your home at all times. The problem is, not all WiFi solutions are created equal. Sometimes, speed and connectivity don’t extend to every corner of your home. With the GigaSpire smart home system, and the addition of GigaMesh satellite units, you get the best possible online experience on all your devices, no matter where you are in your home.

Are You Ready To Enjoy The Ultimate Home WiFi Experience?

The GigaMesh is a high-performance, plug-in WiFi satellite that’s small and simple to use. It complements the GigaSpire system and covers your entire home in a seamless “mesh” of WiFi. Whether you’re in the basement, the bedroom or the backyard, the GigaMesh delivers outstanding WiFi coverage and performance and makes hard-to-reach areas a thing of the past. GigaMesh satellites are faster and more reliable than WiFi extenders. And, unlike extenders, they don’t require you to sign on to a separate WiFi network every time you want to connect to them. Wherever you go in your home, the GigaMesh gives you the same amazing speed and coverage, and you don’t need to do a thing.


Plug and play. Literally.

The GigaMesh is the ultimate plug and play WiFi satellite. Just plug it in to an electrical outlet, push the WPS button on your GigaSpire smart home system, then push the WPS button on your GigaMesh, and you have a mesh network. You can use the signal strength indicator light to place the GigaMesh in the best possible location. Now you’re ready to connect your devices and enjoy lightning fast WiFi everywhere in your home.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Mesh Wi-Fi Technology
The GigaMesh satellites and GigaSpire smart home systems use the most sophisticated Mesh WiFi technology available to transform your WiFi experience.

Beamforming Technology
Beamforming technology improves performance and reduces interference by focusing the wireless signal directly to your device.

Blazing Fast Speeds
The GigaMesh is blazing fast. It provides 1.2 Gbps of bandwidth, which lets you enjoy an outstanding experience for all your online activities.

Band And Node Steering
The GigaSpire continually assesses the network and “steers” your traffic to the either the GigaMesh satellite or the GigaSpire smart home system, using whichever device or radio/band will give you the best performance.

Dual-Band Support​
Dual-band support means that the GigaMesh has two WiFi radios; high bandwidth applications (like video) are routed to the 5 GHz band, while lower bandwidth activities use the 2.4 GHz band.

Life’s too short for bad WiFi. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to enjoy the superior online experience and other benefits that come with Carrier-Class WiFi, call CTC. We’ll give you everything you need to upgrade your current WiFi network to a high-performance Mesh WiFi system, and provide you the support you need—so you can enjoy worry-free WiFi that just works.
Learn more about the GigaSpire, Mesh WiFi and the Mesh satellite units—contact us today for all the details!

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