Mesh Enhanced WiFi

Get True Whole-Home WiFi with Mesh Satellites


The way we use WiFi is evolving rapidly. With more users, more devices, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, your home WiFi needs to be better than ever before: fast, reliable and accessible from anywhere.
The problem is, standard WiFi sometimes falls short. Connectivity and performance don’t always extend to every corner of your home. In fact, research shows that more than half of broadband households experience problems with WiFi.
With the CTC Mesh-enhanced Carrier class WiFi solution, you get the best possible online experience on every device, no matter where you go in your home.




What is a Mesh Satellite?

The CTC Mesh satellite unit is a small wireless device that works with the GigaCenter and Gigaspire routers to cover your entire home in a seamless “mesh” of WiFi. It gives you amazing speed and coverage and makes those hard-to-reach spots a thing of the past.
Up to four Mesh satellites can be connected to your router to provide maximum coverage. Small and easy to set up, the satellites are faster and more reliable than WiFi extenders. And, unlike extenders, they don’t require you to sign on to a separate Wi Fi network every time you want to use them. With the CTC Mesh satellite, you get the same great quality and speed wherever you go, and you don’t need to do a thing.

Why Use CTC's Mesh WiFi?

When combined with the CTC GigaCenter Router, our Mesh satellite meets all your WiFi needs for speed, coverage and more, featuring:

A single, seamless network for all your WiFi devices

The same great WiFi quality everywhere you roam in your home

The fastest band for whatever device you’re using.

Mesh Satellite Units


Pairs with u4 Blast

Life’s too short for bad WiFi. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to enjoy the superior online experience and other benefits that come with Carrier-Class WiFi, call CTC. We’ll give you everything you need to upgrade your current WiFi network to a high-performance Mesh WiFi system, and provide you the support you need—so you can enjoy worry-free WiFi that just works.
Learn more about Advanced WiFi, Mesh WiFi and the Mesh satellite units—contact us today for all the details!

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