Why Should You Update Your Router?

Why Should You Update Your Router?


If you have an older router, then you may be experiencing preventable problems due to your home network equipment being outdated. Routers are always updating and giving us new functionality with excellent features that allow us to work faster with less or no buffering!

Here are some common issues we have seen that are caused by outdated equipment:

Slow Internet

Do you notice your speeds periodically slowing to a crawl for no apparent reason? It could be your router is starting to show its age and cannot keep up with your home's growing data demands.

Speeds are Distance Sensitive

Are you unable to move away from your router without losing connection or suffering from poor internet performance? Your current router may be losing strength in far it can carry a WiFi signal.

Trouble Connecting New Devices

Are you unable to connect newer devices? New technology does not always play nicely with the firmware of older routers.

Unable To Get The Speeds You Subscribe To

If your speed tests consistently fail to come close to the speeds for which you are paying for, it could be the fault of your router.

Frequent Loss of Connection

Does your router disconnect or randomly drop connections frequently and consistently? It may mean your router is reaching its end of life and could be dangerously close to going out on you.

No Remote Access

Sometimes you need help with optimization your home network. Old routers may not allow technicians to access your router remotely. No remote access could be an inconvenience to you as it requires a tech to come out to your home to make any changes.

Always Having to Restart your Router

Restarting your router can typically solve a lot of minor issues, but it can be a pain to do. Some newer routers can fix themselves with a Self-Healing function. Welcome to the future!

Lack of WiFi in Certain Rooms

If you need whole-home WiFi coverage in your beautifully large house, it may be time to consider different technology solutions designed to boost your WiFi signals like a WiFi Extender specifically. This optional internet accessory may only work with an updated router.

Contact CTC if you are experiencing any of these issues

If you have any of the problems listed above, you should contact our Tech Support to see if updating to a new router would be the right solution for you!

CTC is currently offering a new incredible router that is called the GigaCenter, and soon another fantastic piece of equipment called the GigaSpire.


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  • CTC Offers Superior Customer Service
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  • CTC is a dependable, affordable, and reliable internet provider that has been invaluable to my family! Being a business owner, dependable internet is a must. Plus, it's great for streaming, which keeps these little monsters entertained! Thanks, CTC!

    Tiffany GilesMeridian
  • Working from home, it is essential for me to have reliable, high-speed internet. CTC has been there for me for over a decade with dependable, high quality service. Their customer support over the years has been outstanding, which is why I'm a long-time customer.

    Kim LyonsBoise
  • CTC - When you call them, they come! Everyone with CTC is awesome, truly cares, and has a sense of urgency.

    Renee KohlerMeridian
  • CTC has been impeccably professional with anything we have needed in regards to our internet services. We are extremely impressed with the on-going respect, kindness, & help that CTC and their employees have always shown us. Kudos for a job well done!

    Cody & Jennifer FoggMeridian
  • CTC Telecom provides the fastest internet we've ever had!

    Brandon CrawfordMeridian
  • Centurylink could only offer me up to 20 down and 0.8 up. CTC was able to give me 50 down and 10 up. They came and installed an upgraded line to my house for free, when Centurylink came to my door and asked if I wanted an upgrade for $250. The internet is great and I always get the speed advertised, it never drops or cuts out. The best thing is no datacaps like with Cableone, which I would go over every month. This is probably the best internet you can get if they are in your area. Fast and reliable speed with no data caps.

    Mysterious EdBoise
  • The people are so friendly, helpful, and bend over backwards to keep you happy. We've never had a problem with the service.

    Virginia HolderMeridian

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