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Introducing Mrs. Hell's Canyon

We give you... Mrs. Hell's Canyon! If you attended the Mrs. Idaho pageant last Saturday, October 7th, or watched the livestream, you no doubt noticed this stunning tall brunette, Jennifer Burdick. For the last 9 years, this beautiful lady has been CTC's own accounting & HR babe extraordinaire! We're so proud of this amazing lady. Jennifer says, "What a great experience that was!! It really was the funnest!! I didn't place but that's OK, I am extremely proud of my performance! I hope I made all of my supporters and sponsors proud!" She plans on doing it again next year, so please cheer her on with us again!


10 Reasons Companies are Moving Communications to the Cloud Today

Cloud (or Hosted) business communication services are today’s mainstream alternative to on-premises...

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2.4GHz vs 5Ghz: What's the Difference?

Invisible WiFi waves are known as 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. These bands are what carry the data...

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January Customer of the Month

Byron Lu and his family in Meridian

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November Customer of the Month

November's Customer of the Month is Virginia!

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July Customers of the Month

It is our pleasure to introduce this beautiful couple. Mary and Lee each have a vast history of many...

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WiFi Security Explained

In your home, you have a gateway that you use to connect to the Internet. Most of these devices offe...

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