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Introducing Mrs. Hell's Canyon

We give you... Mrs. Hell's Canyon! If you attended the Mrs. Idaho pageant last Saturday, October 7th, or watched the livestream, you no doubt noticed this stunning tall brunette, Jennifer Burdick. For the last 9 years, this beautiful lady has been CTC's own accounting & HR babe extraordinaire! We're so proud of this amazing lady. Jennifer says, "What a great experience that was!! It really was the funnest!! I didn't place but that's OK, I am extremely proud of my performance! I hope I made all of my supporters and sponsors proud!" She plans on doing it again next year, so please cheer her on with us again!


Why Small Businesses Need to be Mobile

Mobile working has many benefits. Which is why so many small businesses are ditching their premise p...

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March Customers of the Month

Deb & Charlie Caruso (& Odie the dog) of Cambridge

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February Customers of the Month

Meet Mark & Sully (and Max, not pictured), partners in the Awesome Burger business!

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CTC Brings Fiber Internet to Kuna, ID

CTC has built fiber internet to Kuna, ID. As Kuna grows, CTC's fiber network will grow with it. ...

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What is a VoIP Call?

A VoIP call translates audio into data packets and transmits those packets over the internet and the...

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