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Have You Seen These People?

If you do, shout out a hello or honk your horn! Meet David and Brandon, some of the more prominent, and definitely most popular faces of CTC in the Boise area! Known for their excellent problem-solving skills, technical knowledge & experience, and respectful customer service, these guys have inspired many customers to call our office JUST to sing their praises and report a job well done. If you request service installation or ever have a technical issue that cannot be resolved by our help desk over the phone, you might just meet one or both of these guys. We’re so fortunate to have them as a vital part of our team.


April Customer of the Month

Unsuccessful in her attempt to train the dogs to take pictures, Kelsey sent us this picture of her h...

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November Customer of the Month

November's Customer of the Month is Virginia!

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Beware of Computer Scams

Scammers and hackers are taking this opportunity—while the country is vulnerable—to launch new phi...

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Tips for Writing an Effective Auto Attendant

Whether your Auto Attendant is the first thing callers hear when calling your business or takes the ...

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November Customers of the Month

Meet the beautiful Benfield family, our November Customers of the Month! From left to right are Chey...

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February Customers of the Month

Meet Mark & Sully (and Max, not pictured), partners in the Awesome Burger business!

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