Routers and Equipment

High-Performance WiFi

Fast, reliable home WiFi—it’s what we all want. With more connected devices than ever in your home, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, nothing less than the best WiFi will do. That means a strong signal in every room and blazing-fast speeds—so you can stream HD video, game with your friends online, and share anything and everything without missing a beat. Why shouldn’t your home WiFi be all this and more?


U4 Blast Router

The u4 is a premium smart home system that combines blazing-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to deliver the Ultimate WiFi Experience. Built with the latest WiFi 6 technology, the u4 provides a longer range with higher efficiency and less interference than other WiFi routers. 

Gigaspire 6.1 Router

The Gigaspire is a next-generation WiFi system. Leveraging the latest advancements in WiFi technology, including WiFi 6 , it combines blazing-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled online experience. Whether you’re streaming HD video on multiple devices simultaneously, uploading a big presentation for work, or gaming online with friends, the Gigaspire has got you covered.


U4m WiFi Mesh Satellites 

For larger homes, the GigaCenter and Gigaspire can be combined with up to four Mesh satellite units to ensure you have outstanding WiFi coverage no matter where you are in your home; even in your garage and backyard. The Mesh units work with CTC routers to cover your home in a seamless “mesh” of WiFi. They’re small, easy to set up, and faster and more reliable than WiFi extenders.

Learn more about the u4, Gigaspire, and Mesh WiFi units—contact us today for all the details!

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