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Create balance, prioritize and manage your home WiFi with ExperienceIQ

Time Limits
Limit time for individual apps, sites, or categories. You can set limits by day, content, or for individual apps and sites

Receive push notifications for various events like time limits or when a new device connects to your WiFi

Set schedules for dinnertime, bedtime, or schooltime. Schedule shuts off internet access for every device assigned to that profile.

Block entire Internet
categories, apps, and websites

My Priorities
Prioritize the devices and/or activities on your WiFi to ensure your getting the best performance for what matters most

Pause the internet for any individual member of the family, device, or whole house with the tab of a button.

Compare time online today, last week, or in the past month while viewing the total time spent online per category, app or website.

Safe Search
Defaults Google and Youtube searches to remove unappropriated and explicit content from their search results.

Advanced WiFi

Enjoy superior WiFi performance everywhere in your home.  No more dropped connections, no more dead spots—just reliable, high-speed WiFi that works. Enjoy hassle-free managed home WiFi service for only a few dollars a month.