December Customers of the Month


Behold: Mountains West Dental, our Customers of the Month for December!














We’re very grateful for these generous comments from Dr. Monte Eppich of Mountains West Dental ( about CTC:

“Cambridge Telephone is one of my favorite businesses in the Council/Cambridge area. I didn’t realize how great it is to have a small town, locally-owned phone company until I came to this area. When we have a problem, we talk to someone live, usually someone we know, and within minutes they seem to be headed our way to fix it. No red tape at all. In addition, their prices are great and between the internet, cell phone options, and Roku television channels, and we use a variety of service options. I’ve never had a telephone company come even close to being as accommodating as Cambridge Telephone.”

Thank you CTC!

Monte R Eppich
Mountains West Dental

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