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August Customer of the Month!

This month, we feature two model customers (literally)! This is Daenerys (nickname Dani – the short fury one on the left), and beautiful Leslie Mauldin of Meridian, Idaho. Leslie is a model, actress, musician, and singer! Though she’s been a customer of ours just since April of this year, she’s enjoyed fiber to her home internet service for several years. She recently decided to upgrade her Internet speed from 10/1Mbps to 50/3Mbps. She says, “We stream a ton of movies and my son does a lot of gaming. Going from 10 to 50 Mbps seems like we’re getting TEN TIMES the speed! The cost was minimal, and the customer service rep was very, very nice.”

Thank you, Leslie, for being one of our newest customers.
We’re so grateful for you! Read More…

July Customer of the Month!

July Customer of the MonthWe are pleased to introduce the beautiful Morgan Family of Boise as our customers of the month for July! Tim, Julie, Claire, Olivia, Natalie, and Dixie Dog have been loyal customers of CTC Telecom for NINE years. When we asked Tim what they’ve enjoyed about CTC the most, he says, “We have been very pleased with CTC as our telephone and internet service provider. I appreciate how responsive your technicians and customer service representatives are and it is refreshing to speak to someone local and not around the globe. I have had communication service from more than a dozen different countries across the country and CTC is hands-down the best of any!
Great service and great price.”

Thank you, Morgan family! We’re so grateful to serve you
and have you as a customer.



Be like Chuck!  Call us up!

Meet Chuck, Althea, and Kimi (the smiling canine) Orvis!
Even the dog is happy at the Orvis household in Meridian these days, and so are we, as Chuck and Althea are model customers.  They simply allowed us to help with their internet issue.  Chuck and Althea are among a special group of residential customers in Meridian that CTC Telecom recently inherited as part of a new service area.  When they felt like their internet was not operating to its full potential, they called us and allowed us to do some trouble-shooting to get them back up and zooming again.
Chuck was so kind as to call us back a couple of times to simply rave about the technicians who helped them over the phone, as well as the guys who came out to the house.  Chuck says, “With our previous service provider, the response time was very slow.  With CTC, the response time was much faster.  They were very, very polite and every time I told them I had this or that problem, they wanted to take a look, and they fixed it!  They even went above and beyond and fixed my wife’s Kindle!”  Our technicians truly do care about the customer and want their service to perform its best. We were grateful for the privilege of helping them out and love having the Orvis family as some of our newest customers!
If you ever experience service issues, please call us and give us the chance to help!


June Customer of the Month!

Introducing our June Customer of the Month:

the Neal & Carol Benz Family!

In order as pictured are son-in-law Jesus, granddaughter Elena, daughter Jenn, Carol, and nephew Nick. Not pictured is Neal, Carol’s husband. The Benz family of Boise have been loyal customers of CTC Telecom since 2010. Carol says that reps from one of our large competitor companies have knocked on her door a couple of times offering faster internet at lower prices. Carol says, “I tell them that the promise of faster internet is not worth leaving the best customer service we’ve ever had! If ever there’s ever a problem, which is rare, we get to actually speak with a real person who takes care of us, and doesn’t put us on hold for half an hour!” According to Carol, they are definitely a big “computer family” and are always using the internet for work and various activities. We’re so grateful to have them as some of our biggest cheerleaders! Thank you, Benz family, for your business over the years. We’re happy to serve you and we love that you don’t feel like you’re just another number to CTC.


May Customer of the Month!


Say hello to the beautiful Kimmett family of Boise! Steve, Heather, and Robbie have been loyal CTC Telecom customers for over 14 years. Here’s what Steve had to say about having us as their phone and Internet provider: “Originally, we were with that other big phone company in Boise. Everything was on their timetable and took forever. With CTC, instead of service calls being scheduled days out, there has typically been someone out the same day. I love that CTC is always improving the DSL network, and updating our plan to meet our needs couldn’t be any easier. CTC really takes customer service seriously, and the service is exceptional! Whenever we’ve needed help from CTC, we call the main service line, and the service is awesome. We’ve been with CTC for over 14 years, and expect CTC to be our phone company for many years to come!”
What a privilege it has been to have the Kimmetts and other great families as customers over the years. Thank you for allowing us to do what we love and serve you better!

Meet CTC’s March Mania Winner!


The sun truly shines on Ron Meyer of Indian Valley as he accepts the 2016 March Mania 1st place prize from Jerry Piper, General Manager of the Cambridge Telephone Company. When asked about his strategy, he jokingly states that he won the $100 Amazon gift card simply by watching more TV this year than usual. The tough part was betting against a couple of his favorite teams. Ron and his wife Janet have been loyal CTC customers for over a decade. Thank you, Meyer Family!
The 2nd and 3rd place winners were Denny Rafferty of Lowman and our own Rick Wiggins, CEO of CTC! Rick graciously passed on his Amazon gift card prize to 4th place winner Matt McKee of Heyburn, Idaho, and instead brought home a consolation prize of some knitted dish cloths.

Easter in Hidden Springs!


What a wonderful day to “patrol” the bouncy obstacle course at the Hidden Springs Easter Egg Hunt this year.  These bunchkins seriously know how to BOUNCE and they know how to party!   The whether was perfect and the kids were “AMP’d”!  Such a privilege to help out such a great community!


April Customer of the Month!

Customer of the Month

Ann & Tristan Walch

Introducing Ann & Tristan Walch from Boise! Ann serves Idaho as a local firefighter. It’s been our great pleasure to serve them since 2005!. Ann says, “I like CTC because they are a local company, not a big corporation. CTC has always provided quality service at a competitive price.” Thank you for your business, Ann and Tristan. We’re so happy to have you as a customer! If you would like to become the next Customer of the Month, post on our Facebook page (click on the above photo) what you love about being a customer of CTC and you’re automatically entered to win and receive one month free service!

MyTV now available!

For our customers who have our high-speed Internet, MyTV service is now available for just $19.95 a month.  Purchase a Roku box for $109, or lease one for only $5 a month.  Call us today to learn more!

New Store Location!

CTC Wireless is opening a brand new store in Council, ID! Join us on October 1st at our grand opening celebration. You could even win $30 off your next bill!