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August Customer of the Month!


August Customer of the Month
-The Wattles-
     These ladies are a HOOT!  Pictured here is half of the family – Mother Amy & daughter Maddie, a couple of fun characters who were a pleasure to visit with.  Father & Son Matt & Magnus are not pictured.  They’re just moving BACK to one of our service areas in Meridian after having lived in another neighborhood briefly where they had to ‘suffer through’ with another provider, which they state was tough for them because the service there was noticeably lacking.  So they’re excited about moving back (just this month!) to a home that CTC can serve with solid fiber optic backbone for their home Internet needs.  The kids are especially excited!

July Customer of the Month

COTM.Hedaman Post

Jo Hedeman of Meridian
     Jo states that she uses the phone & fiber optic internet service every day and that she has always found the people at CTC to be very friendly and helpful.  Our technicians have come out in the past to optimize her service and Jo says that “They were very thorough and very good when they came out to work.”
Thank you for your generous compliments, Jo.  We’re grateful for your testimonial, and for your business!

June Customer of the Month


June Customer of the Month -Renee Kohler of Meridian
It was our great pleasure to meet Renee at her beautiful home and visit with her. According to Renee, “CTC – When you call them, they come! Everyone with CTC is awesome, truly cares, and has a sense of urgency”
Renee has enjoyed fiber optic service to her Meridian home for over a decade now, along with her wonderful but “photo-phobic” (aren’t we all…) husband and son. Thank you, Kohler Family!

May Customer of the Month

Meet Cody, Charylie, Jenn & Natalie Fogg!
-May 2017 Customers of the Month-

Their son C.J., not pictured, is attending BSU.
CTC Telecom has been providing the Fogg family with fiber optic internet for a little over a year. Jenn very generously states, “CTC has been impeccably professional with anything we have needed in regards to our internet services. We are extremely impressed with the on-going respect, kindness, & help that CTC and their employees have always shown us. Kudos for a job well done!”
We’re extremely grateful for the very kind praise, and to have such wonderful customers!


March Mania 2017 Winners


Austin & Aaron Barnett always play our March Mania contest and usually end up finishing in the top 10, but this year, they got FIRST place, for a $100 Amazon gift card. Their brilliant strategy? Aaron didn’t have time to thoughtfully make his picks, so he had his son Austin do it for him. Good call!
Coming in 2nd and 3rd place were Matt McKee and Harold Clure, respectively.

April Customer of the Month


The Crawford Family!
In this picture is young Nathan, resolutely sticking with his commitment of “not smiling until his braces come off”, with his dad Brandon. This is only a small portion of the Crawford family. They’ve lived in Meridian for a few years now and Brandon says that CTC Telecom provides “the fastest internet we’ve ever had!”
Thank you, Brandon, for this awesome testimony about our fiber optic service. We love being able to provide the best service available, and are very grateful to have you as a customer.

March Customers of the Month

Deb & Charlie Caruso (& Odie the dog) of Cambridge

make Idaho look GOOD!
     What a very sweet experience it was to go meet with these folks on a beautiful sunny day and be greeted by a crackling outdoor fire and fresh peanut butter cookies in the oven!  Their land is an Idaho paradise, surrounded by majestic mountains, fields, streams, and horses.  They moved from Boise in 2007 to come out and live in the country.  They enjoy weekend visits with their grandchildren who come from Boise and McCall to stay with them.  The children enjoy being put to work on the ranch and do farm chores.

Deb & Charlie give CTC high praises for our service and especially enjoy our new ViewLocal (or MyTV) service for $19.95 a month.  Charlie never did like the idea of adding a dish onto their house/barn, so they had signed up for Netflix, but never enjoyed “live TV” until our ViewLocal came along.  For the first time in many years, he was able to watch the Super Bowl at home.  Deb, who had missed live local shows says, “So we get to live in a beautiful place, and now we also get to see what goes on around the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas.  Now I don’t feel quite so isolated.  During a rough winter like we’ve had, it’s kinda nice to have some good things to watch!” Charlie also loves it for all the money they save – at least $60 a month over CTC’s competitors.

February Customer of the Month


Tom & Cynthia Dyer of Cambridge have been CTC customers since 2007.  They enjoy basically all of our services, including our new MyTV (also called “ViewLocal“) service since December.  About MyTV, Tom says: “CTC offered Roku after dropping their cable option and frankly, I don’t miss the cable at all.  With Roku, I’m able to access the local news channels and several PBS channels that we enjoy.  There are several other channels as part of the package providing movies as well as popular programming from the 60’s and 70’s.  We also subscribed to Netflix, which really increased our viewing opportunities without dealing with commercials.  What’s really nice is that we’re able to get ViewLocal with CTC using Roku and Netflix for less than we were paying for the cable!”
Additionally, customers can add their own account to enjoy many favorites from a traditional dish, cable, or satellite service, such as ESPN, History Channel, HGTV, and hundreds more!  Between Sling and Roku, there are over 1,000 more customizable channels, in fact.  Call us today to learn more.

January Customer of the Month!


   Byron Lu and his family in Meridian, have been fiber optic customers for nine years, and have very been pleased with the consistently solid internet performance.  In all this time, he states that he has only needed tech support “once or twice” and that he always receives friendly, attentive service each time he has called.
Byron is a very admirable representation of a “NEW YEAR” customer of the month, in our opinion, as he has essentially “reset” his life!  He has been working in I.T. for years, and has recently changed course by going to school to become a doctor.
Thank you for being such a wonderful, loyal customer, Byron!  We’re grateful for you.

December Customers of the Month


Behold: Mountains West Dental, our Customers of the Month for December!














We’re very grateful for these generous comments from Dr. Monte Eppich of Mountains West Dental ( about CTC:

“Cambridge Telephone is one of my favorite businesses in the Council/Cambridge area. I didn’t realize how great it is to have a small town, locally-owned phone company until I came to this area. When we have a problem, we talk to someone live, usually someone we know, and within minutes they seem to be headed our way to fix it. No red tape at all. In addition, their prices are great and between the internet, cell phone options, and Roku television channels, and we use a variety of service options. I’ve never had a telephone company come even close to being as accommodating as Cambridge Telephone.”

Thank you CTC!

Monte R Eppich
Mountains West Dental